Crowns and Fillings for Children

We repair teeth with crowns and fillings in Canyon Ridge Pediatric Dentistry.

crowns-and-fillings-for-children-parker-caslte-rock-coThere are a lot of ways children can hurt their teeth. Besides cavities, teeth can be chipped during accidents. Dr. Marc Thomas has experience treating patients in the Parker and Castle Rock area with crowns and fillings for children. The team at Canyon Ridge Pediatric Dentistry would like to help your child or teenager restore their teeth and enjoy smiling again. Please contact our practice today to schedule a crowns and fillings for children appointment.

Dr. Marc Thomas can use crowns and fillings for children to repair teeth when necessary. If your child’s smile has been affected by decay, we’ll most likely be able to use these cosmetic services to return full form and functionality to teeth. It will depend on how deep the cavity or tooth fracture is to determine whether the Canyon Ridge Pediatric Dentistry team will utilize a dental crown or a simple filling.

Ask Canyon Ridge Pediatric Dentistry about crowns and fillings for children today!

Most children enjoy sugary snacks and occasionally we do find cavities. Fillings are the most common method of repairing cavities in our practice. When a cavity affects a tooth, Dr. Thomas will need to drill away the damaged area and cleanse the area. He’ll use a filling to then restore the structure of the tooth.

A dental crown covers a tooth and prevents it from breaking down further. It may be necessary to place a crown if a large part of the tooth has been affected by harmful dental decay, and the existing tooth is still years from the time it should fall out. Canyon Ridge Pediatric Dentistry often uses crowns to fix broken teeth.

Besides white fillings and traditional metal crowns, Canyon Ridge Pediatric Dentistry has white crowns for your child as well. We recommend natural-colored crowns and fillings for children if the altered tooth is a permanent one, especially if the tooth will be visible to peers. We will provide metal-free crowns and fillings for children to prevent your child’s teeth from appearing patchy or mismatched.

We’re happy to use crowns and fillings for children to repair your loved one’s smile. If you would like to see Canyon Ridge Pediatric Dentistry during your child’s time of need, please call us today to schedule a visit. Canyon Ridge Pediatric Dentistry sees patients from Highlands Ranch, Elizabeth, Lone Tree, Centennial, The Pinery, and other Colorado areas at our Castle Rock and Parker locations for crowns and fillings for children visits. If the appointment is your child’s first time visiting our office, please take a look at our new patients information page.