Emergency Dentistry for Children

Dr. Marc Thomas provides emergency dentistry for children at both Parker and Castle Rock locations.

Dental injuries are often painful and upsetting for children and teenagers.  Emergency dentistry for children is taken very seriously at Canyon Ridge Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Marc Thomas has years of experience treating dental emergencies and is ready to assist with compassionate care. If your child is in need of urgent dental care, please call Canyon Ridge Pediatric Dentistry today.

Emergency dentistry for children can vary, depending on the type of injury sustained. We’ve included some general guidelines on this page, and Dr. Thomas will see these kinds of cases during regular office hours. However, we understand that most injuries do not happen during normal business hours. For this reason, Dr. Thomas is part of a team of pediatric dentists on call, 24 hours a day, to ensure your child gets the care he or she needs. The sooner your child is seen for these dental accidents, the more likely the outcome will be positive. For more extreme emergency situations, go to the nearest Emergency Room of your local hospital.

General Emergency Information

  • If your child has a toothache, there are several common causes. Recent dental fillings can make the teeth sensitive and the fillings may require adjustment. Teeth which are coming into the mouth can be uncomfortable and make the gums very sore. Finally, a deep cavity can cause a toothache and make it difficult to eat and focus at school. It is always good to have a toothache checked as soon as possible to discover the cause. Often following an examination the child will leave the office feeling better.
  • For a knocked-out permanent tooth, locate the tooth and try to handle it as minimally as you can. Hold the top of the tooth (not the roots) and rinse it gently. If you can, reinsert the tooth into its socket and then have your child keep the tooth steady by biting down on a piece of clean cloth or sterile gauze. If you can’t reinsert the tooth, place it in a cup of milk and call our office immediately. Bring the submerged tooth and your child to Canyon Ridge Pediatric Dentistry for treatment as quickly as possible.
  • If your daughter or son has broken a tooth, try and save any fragments of the tooth in a glass of milk, and be sure to contact our emergency dentistry for children team as soon as possible. The chipped tooth fragment can be used to repair the broken tooth during this procedure.

Please call us immediately if your little one is in need of emergency dentistry. Canyon Ridge Pediatric Dentistry sees patients from Centennial, The Pinery, Highlands Ranch, Elizabeth, Lone Tree, and other Colorado towns at our Parker and Castle Rock offices. Dr. Thomas and the rest of our team are prepared to treat your child for serious dental injuries, no matter what the cause is.