4 FAQs About Pediatric Dental Treatment in Parker

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Pediatric dental treatment is about more than the correction of dental health issues. It is about preventing them and making sure that a child grows up to have a great smile and good oral habits. This means that every kid needs a pediatric dentist for the duration of childhood and adolescence.

Popular pediatric dental FAQs

Here are a few frequently asked questions, and answers, that explain why parents should choose a pediatric dentist for their child and stay with the same dentist throughout the child’s childhood.

1. Is there much difference between a pediatric dentist and a family dentist?

There is. A family dentist treats every member of the family, from the toddler to the elder. This makes a family dentist a general dental practitioner. General dentists offer a wide array of services: braces for the teenager, dentures for the elderly and a tooth restoration for the adult. Since general dentists need a large store of knowledge to do their jobs, these dental professionals will rarely specialize. Not even in pediatric dentistry.

A child needs a dentist that knows how to develop trust with kids. The child needs a dentist that has the training to monitor teeth and jaw development as they grow. A pediatric dentist has this exact type of training. Other reasons why a parent should choose a pediatric dentist are:

  • A pediatric dentist bonds with the child and makes them comfortable in the dentist’s chair
  • The dentist is trained to spot developmental oral problems in the early stages
  • The dentist will teach the young patient how to take care of their teeth and the lessons will remain with the child in adulthood too
  • The dentist will guide parents on how to maintain children’s oral health
  • The dentist knows how to work with the smaller tools that are necessary to treat the very young
  • The dentist specializes in pediatric dental treatments, and not all dentists can do those as well as a kids’ dentist

2. How often should a child see a pediatric dentist?

First of all, a child should have the first dental visit at 12 months, or when teeth start to erupt, whichever comes first. Based on that first dental exam, the pediatric dentist will tell the parents how often the child should visit for a checkup. If the child is healthy, the dentist will schedule routine checks every six months or so.

During these routine checks, the dentist will monitor the health and development of the child’s teeth as well as jaws. Where applicable, the dentist will clean the teeth and also correct any dental problems the child might have. The pediatric dentist will provide preventative treatment to preserve both the milk teeth and the permanent teeth.

3. How important are milk teeth?

Milk teeth fall out eventually, but they need just as much care as permanent teeth. A child needs healthy milk teeth that fall out at the exact right time. If a child experiences cavities and tooth decay in the milk teeth, the infection can spread to the underlying permanent teeth. If the milk teeth fall out too soon, the gap they leave will cause the remaining teeth to shift. Ultimately, the child will develop a bad bite that will need correction with orthodontic treatment.

4. How does a parent prepare a child for a dental visit?

A parent should make sure that the child’s mouth is clean unless the kid has a dental emergency like an accident. If the child needs a dental procedure, the parent should keep the child from eating a heavy meal 30 minutes prior. After a dental procedure, the child should stick to soft foods for a few hours, or as long as the dentist directs.

Find a pediatric dentist that will meet your child’s needs

You need a dentist that has the training and experience to offer pediatric dental treatment. That is why you should reach out to a practice near Parker. Your pediatric dentist’s office has a child-friendly environment and a pediatric dentist who will make a lasting connection with your child. The dentist will help your child grow up with a set of beautiful, healthy teeth.

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