Preventing Childhood Tooth Decay: Tips From a Pediatric Dentist

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A pediatric dentist can help prevent tooth decay. Early dental checkups will enable the dentist to provide treatments that can make this possible. Your dentist can guide you and your child on how to keep teeth and gums healthy. Here are some effective tips on how to prevent childhood tooth decay straight from a pediatric dentist.

Have a dental sealant treatment

The back teeth are for chewing, making them vulnerable to tooth decay. Food particles and bacteria can get stuck into the fissures and grooves of these teeth. Since these teeth are in the back of the mouth, cleaning them is challenging. Kids cannot clean them well, which is why applying dental sealants is necessary.

New molars should have dental sealants. The pediatric dentist will paint the sealant on them. This treatment will not hurt. It will take a few minutes to complete. The sealant can lower the risk of dental decay.

Proper care and maintenance can make the protective layer last for many years. Regular checkups will allow the dentist to see if the sealants are still intact. If not, the pediatric dentist can reapply the sealant. Studies show that starting this treatment on baby molars can give the child a good start on dental health.

Get fluoride gels and varnishes

Fluoride is a naturally occurring element that can strengthen and protect teeth from decay. A pediatric dentist may apply fluoride varnish or gel on teeth after dental cleaning. This product is available at pharmacies as well. The packaging contains instructions on how often the patient must apply it. It also says the proper age to take it.

The fluoride application at the clinic must stay on the teeth for a few minutes. The patient must spit it out after. Fluoride varnishes often contain a higher concentration of fluoride. This substance hardens right away once it interacts with saliva. This is an ideal treatment for toddlers because they do not need to spit the varnish out. A pediatric dentist often reminds parents that dental sealants cannot replace daily dental care and a healthy diet.

Fluoride is important in dental care. Regular fluoride varnishes are good for kids who lack fluoride in their diet. Some areas have fluoridated water that helps strengthen and protect teeth. A pediatric dentist can suggest more frequent fluoride treatments or even fluoride supplements if the child does not have access to fluoridated water.

Eat a healthy diet

Bacteria are always in the mouth. These organisms love to eat sweets. While eating, bacteria give off bacterial acids that destroy the enamel layer of the teeth, which results in cavities. The pediatric dentist will recommend eating a balanced diet. Parents should limit a child’s consumption of sweets. Cleaning the teeth right away is important if the child does eat some sweet foods.

Your child can maintain good oral health with the right tooth decay tips from your pediatric dentist

Dental health is important in young children. With it, your child can speak, eat, and smile well. You can be sure that your pediatric dentist can help prevent tooth decay with the right treatments. Working with your dentist can help maintain your child’s bright smile early and make it last until later in life.

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