Reasons to Visit an Emergency Pediatric Dentist

Posted on: May 16, 2018

When a dental emergency happens to a child, parents must be able to seek out an emergency pediatric dentist immediately. Sometimes, this is not as easy as it seems, because typically pediatric dentists only work normal office hours. However, when there is a dental emergency, it is not wise to wait until normal office hours to get treatment for the child.

We strongly advise parents to put an emergency pediatric dentist contact number be in the phone book or somewhere that is easy for even a child to find in the event of a dental emergency. While waiting for the dentist a parent must take certain steps to offset the long-term effects of a dental emergency. The following are some of the remedies that a parent can implement when there is an unexpected problem with their child's teeth or some other part of their mouth.

Dislodged tooth

Believe it or not, one of the most common emergency visits is after a child knocks out a tooth. If it is the milk teeth or first set of teeth, it may not be as serious as long as the parent is able to control the bleeding. After knocking out the child's permanent tooth, it is beneficial for the parent to find it as soon as possible.

When handling a knocked out tooth, handle the tooth only by the crown, and do not make contact with the bottom of the tooth or the root. It is then advisable to clean the tooth with warm water, being careful not to apply any kind of excessive pressure. If the child is old enough, a parent should re-insert the tooth back into the socket, place a piece of gauze or a cloth over it and have the child bite down on it to hold it in place.

If the child is not old enough, or cannot do the above, it is recommended to place the tooth in a cup of water and immediately schedule an appointment with the emergency pediatric dentist. This will greatly increase the chances of saving the tooth and allow for an emergency pediatric dentist to permanently reinstall it into the child's mouth.


There is any number of reasons why a child can get a toothache. Some of the reasons that more commonly cause a child to have a toothache include:
  • A cavity
  • A canker sore
  • Food stuck between the teeth
  • A loose tooth
  • An infection
If the child complains about tooth pain it is important that a parent not ignore them or think that it will simply go away. The child's mouth can be rinsed with warm water to ensure that there is nothing stuck between the teeth, and the parents should do a visual inspection to ensure the same.

A cut lip, cheek, or tongue

Children sometimes have accidents where they will bite their tongue, their lip or their cheek and this can result in some bleeding. This is not necessarily a situation for an emergency pediatric dentist, as long as the bleeding is under control.

Do not wait

One of the best pieces of advice that the parent can have when it comes to children's dental emergencies is not to wait and see if the emergency will dissipate. Parents often find that pain comes and goes, emergencies happen and they seem to stop. This leads them to think that it is unnecessary to seek out medical attention.

If a child is in pain or has had a significant dental emergency we recommend that you give us a call, schedule an appointment to come in immediately, and let us diagnose and treat your child's dental emergency so that they can be on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

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